• Baklava is the most famous among Mediterranean pastries, while Mamoul is the most popular Middle Eastern cookie.
    Lebanese sweets are the Lebanese version of Mediterranean sweets. Lebanon is one of the countries that contributed the most into the evolution of Middle Eastern and Arabic sweets.

    Most Middle Eastern sweets are offered as a dessert.
    Mamoul in particular is often offered with coffee or tea as it is lighter than baklava.
    Knafe, being the exception, is usually consumed as a breakfast. Because it is relatively very sweet and usually served as a large piece, it can solely constitute a full meal.


    Our Sweets include :

    • Baklava – our signature sweet!
    • Shamiyyat – assorted mini cookies, mostly date filled
    • Maamoul – stuffed shirtbread cookies, filled with date, walnut or pistachio
    • Pistachio Sablee – chocolaty filling, stuffed between to two chocolate wafers, topped with pistachio
    • Madd Creme Cake – Semolina crust, with sweet creme and pistachio filling
    • Namoura – sweet semolina syrup cake
    • Kanafe – sweet cheese, topped with a golden crust, and served with warm syrup


    Come in and enjoy our sweets or take a pack home and share with your friends.


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